Summer Capsule Wardrobe 2015 – the final cut

HIt might seem a bit late in the day, but my Summer starts when I finish Uni. and as my Grandmother always said… ‘Ne’er cast a clout til May is out’.  It’s lovely and sunny here in North Lincolnshire, and I’m looking forward to the promised warm weather this week.

There have been more wardrobe casualties, I’ve put on a little weight.  My favourite white linen shirt is too snug and my white broidery anglais top is far too small.  I have put the shirt away hoping I will loose a little bit of weight.   The other one is off to the charity shop.

My pale grey linen trousers have been let out :0/ The picture is from when I took them in!  That tee shirt has gone back to the charity shop and the cardigan awaits dye as it’s very faded now.

grey linen sandwich trousers
grey linen sandwich trousers

I have made a couple of purchases: a white short sleeve tee shirt and 2 vest tops, white and navy from Marks and Spencer. A pair of Rocket Dog pumps in a bold print.  I have finally got round to making a couple more vest tops too, a blue dotty one (to test the pattern size – this may end up at the charity shop) a white linen one, squeezed from a rather nice remnant and a cream silk one, edged with the printed cotton bias binding I bought on my trip to Paris.

Here is the final list:

  1. Beige Mac (altered by me)
  2. Blue Gap mac (charity shop)
  3. Jeans
  4. Cropped Jeans
  5. Navy/white striped trousers
  6. pale grey linen trousers
  7. cerise skirt
  8. blue (Paris) dress
  9. cream cotton jacket
  10. pink linen jacket
  11. navy linen jacket
  12. navy linen cardigan
  13. Navy long sleeve tee
  14. pink print short sleeve shirt
  15. new white tee
  16. new white vest
  17. new navy vest
  18. grey cami
  19. burgundy silk vest
  20. new white linen vest top made by me
  21. new cream silk vest with print bias edging made by me
  22. new blue spotty vest made by me
  23. Hi tech comfy sandals
  24. black sandals
  25. Rocket Dog pumpsrocket dog pumps

How is your summer wardrobe working out?


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