Mending my Navy tee shirt

My poor long sleeved navy tee shirt, has got rather thin under the arms, and developed a couple of holes.  I still like this tee shirt and expect to make good use of it in the winter worn under my blue dress, where these holes won’t show anyway.  Recently I have been experimenting with simple stitches for embroidery, and admiring the Japanese Boro mending technique.  Inspired by this and the idea of visible mending, I decided to mend my tee shirt by hand and with a contrast stitch colour.  Fortunately the sleeves have always been a bit too long, so I chopped off a couple of inches to use for patches.  How long this repair will last, I’m not sure, but at least I can get a bit more wear out of it for now.

mended (1)

3 thoughts on “Mending my Navy tee shirt

  1. Nice job Joelle! I love the boro technique- it looks so beautiful, especially over a large area and in contrasting coloured thread. I’ll have to try it sometime soon 🙂

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