Confessions of a Charity Shop Addict

Jen’s post over at Make do and Mend has prompted me to look back at numerous charity shop bargains and consider where I went wrong.  Jen is starting a new challenge of no new clothes, not even from the charity shop, or swishing events and no new fabric either.  She has noted a couple of exceptions for her own circumstances.

I joined Morwhenna’s Love What You Wear Project back in November 2012, buying no new clothes for a year.

I’ve taken a look back at some of the successes and failures in my Charity shop shopping since then:

These have been my biggest successes the 50p Hobbs cerise linen skirt has been worn regularly ever since I hemmed it, as well as the navy linen cardigan with its shortened sleeves.  The grey linen Sandwich trousers have been taken in and let out and although not worn as much this summer, are still a favourite.  Last and by no means least the M&S beige mac, which I almost reconstructed is well worn and washes up nicely every time too.

Now for the failures:

Oh dear rather worse than I expected, I have found 12 items just by trawling my blog photos!  The Noa Noa mint tee shirt, just because it’s got a good name and a colour I like, doesn’t mean I will wear it.  In fact it was too snug and went off to the charity shop.  The green dress, I bought without trying on, I was so sure.  It was too short, I cut it up, thinking I would add a band to create length, it remains crumpled and unfinished.

The lilac silk blouse £2 from the vintage shop, is a great colour, I had to add panels to the sides to make it fit, I did wear it last summer, but not since, it’s not really ‘me’  and sits in my bag of silk scrap fabric.  The print dress bought at a vintage fair for £5 looks great if I am just standing, but is useless for sitting on the bus, as it has buttons down the front and is narrow at the hem, a shame really as otherwise I would wear it, I keep thinking I might.  The tartan upcycle for the refashion runway competition, all those hours and it never really worked in my wardrobe.  I did wear the skirt quite a bit that winter, it was lovely and warm, in the end I sent it to the charity shop, along with the emerald upcycle.

The Monsoon dress was worn regularly my first year at university, but then I decided it was a bit too short and sent it on it’s way to the charity shop.  The purple print blouse, is a beautiful bit of cotton lawn which will make a lovely bag lining one day, but is too bold a print to suit me.  The red print skirt, again worn for a summer then back to the charity shop.  The navy linen jacket I altered, was snug when I finished it, but I have put on a bit of weight since, so off it went.  The coral dress and cardigan, altered but never worn, returned to the charity shop.

Looking back I can see, that if I had tried the green dress on, I wouldn’t have bought it, the fabric was flimsy and it was too short.  Other items I just didn’t think realistically how they would fit into my wardrobe.  I am easily swayed by the need to rescue a quality item.

Well there you have it, the confessions of a charity shop addict.  I’m going to join Jen for her year of no new clothes, I will be making an exception for the Swishing event on 14th October in Barton upon Humber that I am running with Xandrias Hair Salon.  If you are local I hope to see you there.

2 thoughts on “Confessions of a Charity Shop Addict

  1. Hi Joelle, whenever I bought something from charity shop that was never worn I console myself that at least my money has gone to a really worthy cause. What’s a swishing event exactly? Don’t believe we have those round this part of the world??

    1. Yes, at least my money has gone to good causes!
      Swishing, is a clothes swap party. You get together with a group of people, everyone brings up to 5 items of clothing, jewellery, shoes and bags, all of good quality and clean (not your tatty old tee shirt) they are all hung up on rails usually in size order then you get to search through to take home 5 items that you will hopefully use.

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