No New (not even second hand) Clothes for a Whole Year

I signed up to Jen’s challenge over at Make do and Mend, to buy no clothes, even from the charity shop, for a whole year.  I thought it might stop me buying random clothing in the charity shop that I don’t really need.  This is my final year at university, I need a simple wardrobe that I don’t have to think about, saving all my decision making energy for design and dissertation work.

Then I started to think about the potential gaps in my wardrobe, if I buy nothing for a whole year:

My sandals have reached a point where they could fail at any moment!  The Hi-tech are made from some synthetic layered ‘material’ which is rapidly giving way, I could probably mend them with needle and thread.  The £4 leather sandals (from the charity shop 2 years ago) have a layer of material covering the white plastic sole, a bit of glue will keep them going a bit longer.

My smart navy trousers are too snug (in the charity bag), so I only have one pair of bootcut jeans ( getting scruffy and fraying at the hem) and a pair of wideleg denim trousers as winter trousers.  My winter coat is rather snug too, I was thinking about replacing it this winter.  My Long winter boots (Gabor circa 2006) have had the soles glued back on twice, and I’ve lost confidence, that they won’t suddenly give way and leave me walking across town the the sole flapping!

my snug winter coat
my snug winter coat

I have decided to use this challenge to severely limit any clothes purchases.  I will use what I have, including fabric and I will only buy what I can confidently justify on here and across as the Facebook Page Jen has set up.  Now it’s time to sort out my winter clothes ready to go back to uni. next week.

Could you buy no clothes for a whole year, does that sound mad to you?


5 thoughts on “No New (not even second hand) Clothes for a Whole Year

  1. It doesn’t sound mad, I think even only as far back as the 70’s that clothes were so much more expensive to buy. I don’t remember having so much back then! However I think it would be incredibly hard to not buy anything. I’ve done the same myself in charity shops, where I buy for the sake of it and never wear it. However I don’t think I could not buy for a year, I don’t have a fabric stash any more , I buy as I go, but I can’t imagine not shopping. I wish you the very best of luck for the year and hope your boots survive!!

    1. Thanks Linda
      I think there will be the odd occasion when I feel the need to buy something. A good pair of boots might be it! It’s good not to stash fabric, I’m given some of mine to the local Scrapstore.

  2. I applaud your self-control. I really don’t buy items that often, but still, not too sure I could handle an entire year without any type of clothing purchase.
    I do have one thought on your coat though… what about moving the buttons? Less snug that way. Just a thought.

    1. Thanks Jean, it’s really about being mindful of clothing purchases rather than being deprived. I did move the buttons on my coat last winter, but had to wear a scarf with it to hide the fact that it became single breasted!

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