No new clothes for a year …fail

Back in September I joined Jen Gale’s Facebook Group, No new clothes for a year, where we all agreed to be mindful of our clothing purchases and only buy what we really needed.  For me this meant an end to randomly picking up stuff in the charity shop.

I did well for about 5 months, busy in the final year of my Textile degree I just didn’t go in the charity shops and didn’t think about clothes much at all, then one day I drifted into Scope in Hull, where they were having a £1 sale and came out with a jumper for £3.60.  There was some logic, it was a cold day, I haven’t got any jumpers, it’s a lovely shade of grey and it’s Phase Eight.


The logic ends there, I don’t like it on me.  On it’s way back to the charity shop now.

Then there were the sandals, I knew when I started the challenge that I would need new sandals, so after much deliberation, I bought these in Clarks, yes they match the nail varnish I bought last year and they match my mac and my vintage dress, they will go with all the navy, grey and white of my summer wardrobe and they are comfy.


Oh, and in the photo you can see the linen trousers I bought for £1 in another charity shop, they were unworn, I slimmed down the leg and hemmed them, and they have replaced my black linen trousers from last summer, which seem to have shrunk? (or perhaps my waist has expanded a little :0/)

Then comes the really big FAIL!  There was a WI jumble sale in the village, I haven’t been to a jumble sale in years….how could I resist?

8 items for £6.50 later I have:

  • A pair of Olsen cropped trousers that fit and will be made into shorts
  • A pair of Olson brown tweed trousers that once mended will be great for work in the winter
  • A pair of burgundy jeans that will replace my jeans I ruined with acrylic paint
  • A pair of grey evening trousers that are designed for a much taller person …to the charity shop
  • A pair of brand new cerise cropped linen trousers = nice bit of fabric
  • Duck egg blue cardi thing, doesn’t suit me ….to the charity shop
  • Print top, it fits lovely, but does it look a bit dated?  will have a think about this one
  • A lovely silk and cotton satin blouse, sleeves are too long and the pussy bow will have to go, but I think I can make it into a nice top/blouse

If I hadn’t been drawn in by the £1 per item or 6 for £5 I might have been more selective (if you are trying to do the maths, item 7 was 50p for being a good customer and then item 8 was £1)

Now that I am no longer a student, it’s time to reassess my wardrobe and work out what I need.  Hopefully I will be able to establish an adequate capsule wardrobe with what I already have, once I get a bit of sewing done.

Are you ready for this kind of wardrobe challenge?

Perhaps you’ve already joined Jen, if so how are you getting on?

You can look forward to seeing what I do with that grey blouse next week.


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