Tea Cosy

Having finished my degree (and getting awarded a First) I finally have time to start using some of my vast stash of fabric and thought I’d start by make a tea cosy for the campervan tea pot.

Simple I thought…

I had an idea in my head for something like an Argyll diamond design, using layers of contrasting felted wool jumpers.  I selected my felted and shrunk grey wool tee shirt, my shrunk and scruffy pink merino wool jumper, I loved that jumper :0( and a grey wool tank top that I liked the look of in the charity shop (it was only 50p) but really didn’t suit me.


I measured the tea pot, and tried to gauge how big the tea cosy needed to be.  I had a look on Pinterest and found that most tea cosies seemed to be about 30cm wide and 22cm high. I made a paper pattern and tried it on the tea pot, well is wasn’t going to be too small, so I went ahead and cut out my layers. Grey, pink and grey.  I pinned it all together and decided it was going to be too floppy.  I cut out an additional layer in some ‘bump’ I think that’s what it’s called, used for interlining curtains.

Having sketched my design on the 1st rough shape, I cut out some diamond shapes.  I also cut a strip from the neck edge of the pink jumper to make a loop for the top.

I proceeded to stitch around and across the diamonds in an Argyll style using embroidery thread.  These stitches are not bold enough to create the effect I wanted.  It looks a bit pathetic really.


Worse was to come….

The tea cosy is far too big for the little stainless steel tea pot.  The good news is that it does fit my Denby tea pot.  I think I’m going to use it as an inner and make a nice cotton cover to go over it.  It does keep the tea warm though, so I will carry on using it while I think about fabric to use.

I then decided to try again using the left over bit of tweed fabric from the new cushions I made for the living room.  I was able to judge what size to make it by pinning the Argyll tea cosy to fit the stainless steel tea pot.

Here is the finished tea cosy, posing in the campervan at Scarborough.  I am now able to enjoy nice hot tea at home and when we are away, do you use a tea cosy?

More upcycling soon…..


6 thoughts on “Tea Cosy

  1. Never mind a tea cosy – what about a wine cooler for that nice bottle of red! Just kidding – both tea cozys are lovely. I have a self knitted bright green one with a yellow crochet flower on top. Congratulations on your well earned degree 🙂

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