New Jeans!

Since getting green acrylic paint on my poor jeans, I’ve been thinking about the need for a new pair.  The old ones were £3.50 from the charity shop, I altered them at the waist to fit, they were ‘ok’ but not really nice ‘joy sparking’ jeans.

Then on a visit to Poorboy, Vintage Boutique in Hull, we spotted 2 pairs of Levis for £40 offer, this tempted me into trying on a couple of pairs, the second pair I tried felt really comfy and just needed hemming :0)  DH took advantage of the situation and got himself a pair of black Levis.

The only problem was some red spots on the legs – looks like felt tip pen?  I think I might embroider over the spots with some blue stitches?

While the sewing machine was out, I shortened the sleeves and the pussy bow on the silk and cotton blouse, I got from the jumble sale, and took the side seams in a little too.  A whole new outfit ready for my holiday.


At last a pair of jeans I love!  What would you do about the red dots?

4 thoughts on “New Jeans!

  1. Looking good! Could you ignore the red spots? Make them blue?? Are they very visible? If they’re on the knees, you could make knee patches from old jeans or a fabric you fancy to cover them, and do the same on the other side. Or you could just take a piece of ribbon and sew on top, from seam to seam or from seam to just past the dots. Or you could take a red pen and make more dots, so you get a bunch of red dots-in-sequence all over your jeans?

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