My Plan for a New Blogging Year

Studying my Textiles Degree has made me need to find a way to challenge the paradigm of Fast Fashion, or perhaps it should be called industrial fashion.  Talking about it on the blog seems best way for me to start.

This year I want to explore the issues, and there are many, and they are complex, so I will tackle them a bit at a time over the year including, cotton production, dyeing and processing pollution, exploitation of factory workers, Brands, recycling and the fact so much clothing ends up in landfill very quickly.

I also want to look at the alternatives such as local production, whether that is making your own clothing or buying locally made clothing, other ethical clothing options and alternative fibres to conventionally grown cotton, oh and the question ‘but, if we all suddenly stop buying fast fashion, what will happen to all those workers?’.

In between I will continue to show you my upcycled clothing projects, and my capsule wardrobe developments, I’m going to call it my Slow Wardrobe.  I will also add my natural dye experiments using locally available materials.  I prefer these to buying ready processed ‘natural dyes’ to help minimise the environmental impact of my processes.

He’s what you get if you soak some walnut husks: results on silk, cotton and wool.

Do you want to know more about how to dye fabric?

I hope you will enjoy following my thoughts on the issues and alternatives to Fast Fashion.


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