A New Career = A Fresh Look at my Autumn Wardrobe

After a year of no new clothes (well almost), it is time to re-assess what’s is in my wardrobe.  I am no longer a student and need to think about how my wardrobe now works for me, as a small business owner.

I have spent the last 3 years in college, often dressed for messy play in the dye lab and  taking into consideration travel on public transport.  Now I shall spend my time delivering creative workshops, promoting my business and experimenting with new ideas at home, I need to dress differently: More like me!  I love to wear smart and classic clothes, particularly jackets like my upcycled Navy Viyella.

I’d love to add some items that I have dyed and printed myself using Eco-print techniques.  This might be in the form of scarves or tops, I have an idea for a skirt too.  My style however, is not ‘India Flint’, I love her work and she has inspired my Eco-printing, but I won’t be dressing like her.



I want to plan a slow and tiny wardrobe that works for me.  I’d like to take the 6 items challenge in the Spring 2017 which I haven’t done for the past 2 years.  I am currently knitting myself a new cardigan, now that is a slow process!

knitting my cardigan

Now in my early 50’s and I have to accept my body shape is changing, some of my clothes don’t fit anymore , so it’s time to assess what is actually going to make it into my autumn wardrobe.


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