Grey Silk Blouse Refashion

The grey silk and cotton blouse from the jumble sale needed altering to fit me.


That pussy bow was just too much for me, I liked the soft collar though, so I’ve shortened it, to just tie at the front.  The sleeves were too long and wide, as usual on me, being just 5 foot tall.  I tried rolling them up, and decided that a neat finish at 3/4 length would work for me, I could then roll them up a bit if I want, without too much bulk.

I took the side seams in a little a the waist to add a bit of shape, and that was that.  I now have a smart, warm blouse to wear.  I like it with my jeans, just need to sort myself out a skirt to wear it with….I’m sure I have a nice little burgundy cord skirt that just needs taking in at the waist and I will have a smart outfit for all this business networking I’m doing, before anyone notices that I always wear the same dress.



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