My (not quite) Perfect Capsule Wardrobe

I have spent years feeling my wardrobe is inadequate.  If I just had a couple of other items it would be perfect.  I have finally come to realise that there is no perfect wardrobe, at least not for me, even if I were willing to spend the money, and the time, finding those few perfect pieces that would make my wordrobe right, it would soon become imperfect again, either through something wearing out or me changing my mind about what I consider makes the perfect wardrobe.  I have a tendency to just make do with what I’ve got, rather than make the effort to buy something.

I never considered myself a perfectionist, I thought that was those people I saw who always had it right, wore the perfect flawless outfit and had their lives ‘together’.   Not me, who never seems to be able to get it quite right.  I now realise that perfectionism is exactly that, the feeling that nothing I do is good enough.

It is time for me, to accept my imperfections along with those of my wardrobe.  From now on my wardrobe is a slow project, to be enjoyed.  I am still knitting my cardigan, hoping I’m not going to run out of wool before I finish.

I have a length of wool fabric, I was given, which will make a lovely dress, if I could just decide what style I want, and get on with making it…. see there I go again… contemplating is all part of the process, taking things slowly.


Some days I want to buy an overlocker to make a neat finish to garments easily, other days I want to sew a whole dress by hand.  The reality is a combination of the two, I will probably use a variation of this pattern again.

dress pattern


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