Party Invite and Nothing to Wear!

So, I don’t go to many parties, but an invite to a surprise 50th Party, back in Burton upon Trent – I had to go!

What to wear?  Looking in my wardrobe, I have that lovely grey silk and cotton blouse, my favourite silk cardi and a couple of silk vest tops, but it’s winter!  and since ‘growing’ out of my smart navy trousers, I haven’t found a replacement, relying on my jeans.  My dress is great for most occasions but not really for a party and the only decent skirt that fits is the beige linen.


A trip to the charity shop was needed….a good dress or a skirt or trousers, just needs to go with everything I own….

…and there it was a lovely little Great Plains skirt in stretch cotton sateen, in a print, navy, pale blue, grey, lilac and peachy pink.  £3.50 and I can wear it with the grey silk and cotton blouse, or my blue oxford tailor made shirt and my Navy Jacket…yes, everything!


All it needed was shortening by a couple of inches and I was ready to party!

We had a lovely time, catching up with old friends, and yes she was Surprised!!

Now I have a great skirt ready for any event, from business meetings with my tailored shirt and navy jacket to more parties.

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