Six Items Challenge

I’ve been thinking about taking up this challenge again this year.  A brilliant way to get us thinking about the amount of clothes we own, and what we really need.


My winter wardrobe consists of:

  • Jeans (vintage Levis)
  • Grey long sleeve tee shirt
  • Grey silk blouse
  • Navy Cardigan (upcycled from a jumper – will make that my next blog post))
  • Navy Jacket
  • Blue Dress
  • Print Skirt*
  • Blue Oxford shirt (tailor made by Cock of The Walk)*

* not been worn for more than 6 weeks

Turns out I only wear 6 items anyway!

OK, I admit, when I am at home gardening or cleaning or dyeing I wear a pair of burgundy stretch jeans an old long sleeve tee shirt and a fleecy and I have an outfit for Pilates and PiYO classes and an outfit for walking.

That means the Six Items Challenge really isn’t going to challenge me.  What about you?  How many items do you regularly wear?


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