Cardigan Upcycle

For a long time I have been looking for a good wool jumper or cardigan.  My knitting is so slow, I still haven’t quite finished the lovely merino wool cardigan I started in the summer.

Finally I found this, in the Salvation Army charity shop.  A M&S Merino wool polo neck.  A couple of sizes too big, hardly worn, probably due to the restrictive polo neck!

I started by cutting straight down the front, I knew I had to get rid of the polo neck!  Then I trimmed off the cuffs and welt.  I turned under the raw edge and using some grey 4 ply wool and a darning needle set about zig zag stitching the edges.  This is a great stitch I learnt while hand finishing at Cock of The Walk bespoke tailors in Hull.

As it was rather roomy I decide to make it a wrap over ballet top style.

I found 3 lovely old navy blue buttons in my button tin and made button loops to fit.

I tuned back the sleeve edge and secured with a button and a cross stitch at the seam.

One warm and comfy cardi I can wear with everything!

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