Charity Shop Bargains

While I was checking out the local charity shops for some more linen and cotton sheets for my Eco-Print Workshops, I spotted these:

A lovely pale peachy pink Phase Eight Jacket, for £2.50 in The Salvation Army Shop.  It will fit me nicely once the sleeves are shortened.  The colour isn’t good on me, but its a silk and linen mix, so should dye well.  My plan is to dye it with Woad and then Eco-print it.

pink jacket

I have been experimenting with eco-print on previously dyed silk with some pleasing results.

I also spotted this M&S white cotton blouse for £1.50 and grabbed it without even looking at the size, thinking it would be good to dye or eco-print.  I am rather pleased to say it will fit me, after I take the side seams in and it can replace my very tired white linen shirt.

I am now looking forward to getting the rest of my summer clothes out and finalising my summer wardrobe.  What Charity Shop bargains have you found this week?



One thought on “Charity Shop Bargains

  1. We’ve not had the chance to pop into charity shops this week, I mainly get dresses for work though when I do go. I’ve had lovely jumpers still with the original tags on.

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