Summer Capsule Wardrobe 2017

Summer seems to have finally reached the UK and I think I’ve got my summer wardrobe sorted.  I started back in early April, it must have been a warm day, I got my few summer items out, and nearly panicked, my navy and white cotton trousers are really are very tatty at the hems, my white linen shirt has almost worn through under the arms and I don’t think my vintage dress goes with anything else.

Then two things happened:

  1.  I landed my dream job, as a machinist, sewing the most beautiful ethical linens and jerseys in the little pink studio of STALF.  Just 2 days a week and I love it!  I have a grey sweatshirt for uniform and have invested in a very comfy pair of Steel Cocoon trousers, so far.
  2. I started running!  I have never run in my life, so its more of a slow jog on a couch to 5k, I actually ran 5k on 14th June.  The unexpected side effect of loosing an inch on my bust waist and hips means, that not only do my fav. vintage Levis hang off me, but I have been through my linens to recycle and rescued  my 50p Cerise pink Hobbs skirt and my Jaeger black linen trousers, also my worn out white linen shirt fits nicely again.

In the meantime I altered the white cotton blouse from the previous post to fit and picked up this lovely grey linen mix M&S Autograph jacket.  A great colour to go with all my summer trousers: I chopped it off at pocket level, and thinking it was a bit kimono like in shape, I created a slot in one seam, cut up one of my eco-print scarves and made it into a tie belt.


My summer capsule wardrobe:


  • Stalf Steel Cocoon trousers
  • Cropped jeans
  • Navy/white stripe shorts
  • Cerise linen skirt
  • Blue print vintage dress
  • Navy tie cardigan
  • Peacock hand knit cardigan
  • Stalf Grey Sweatshirt
  • Grey upcycled jacket
  • White cotton blouse
  • White linen shirt
  • White linen vest
  • Blue vest
  • Ice dye vest
  • Biege Mac
  • Blue/white Sandals
  • tan leather flip-flops
  • Rocket dog print pumps

I would like to replace the vintage dress with something that actually goes with the rest of my wardrobe and I’ve just got a pair of bootcut jeans that fit and just need the legs hemming and slimming, and a grey jumper from the charity shop that I might include when I’ve sorted out the frilly front.

Perhaps I will manage some photos of me in various outfits soon!  How is your summer wardrobe looking?



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