Wardrobe Card Game

Inspired by Gwen Shlichta’s illustrations in Flow Magazine issue 17 I started to draw my current wardrobe.  Then, as I tried again and still had elements I wasn’t happy with, I thought, why not draw each item separately?  I’ve ended up with a set of cards.  I had been meaning to take photos of all my clothes for ages, but it’s a time consuming job.  However just drawing a simple sketch and colouring it in, is easy.  The drawing only has to be good enough for me to know what item it is.  I enjoyed colouring them in with my Inktense colours.


Now I can use my set of cards to plan outfits and see which items are working hard and which are not earning their keep.

I’ve even started on my Summer Wardrobe, so I know what I’ve got stored away.


This is such a simple idea, I can’t believe I’ve never thought of it before.  What do you think?  Would it help you plan?  You can sit and play with combinations without having to get all your clothes out of the wardrobe.



2 thoughts on “Wardrobe Card Game

  1. I like this idea. I tend to keep clothes that I’ve bought just because they fit me, not really being love with the garment itself. So maybe this idea will help me weed out the items that just don’t belong.

    I just discovered your blog. I’m not really using WordPress anymore – I abandoned my own blog 2 years ago. Do you have a way to follow you by email instead?

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