Cardigan alteration

I’ve been meaning to try removing the ruffle front from my long navy cardigan for ages.  Finally got brave enough and found where it had been ‘knitted on’ and it came off a treat.  I love my cardigan again now! Wearing it with my STALF grey stripe tee and some Skinny jeans I picked up … More Cardigan alteration

Cardigan Upcycle

For a long time I have been looking for a good wool jumper or cardigan.  My knitting is so slow, I still haven’t quite finished the lovely merino wool cardigan I started in the summer. Finally I found this, in the Salvation Army charity shop.  A M&S Merino wool polo neck.  A couple of sizes … More Cardigan Upcycle

cardigan upcycle

I bought this lovely, looks new, White Stuff linen cardigan from the charity shop, it is a lovely style and fit, except the really long sleeves!  While Sarah was here at the weekend she suggested shortening them. Bravely I let her loose on my £3.75 investment, while having a glass of wine! She used sewing … More cardigan upcycle