Tea Cosy

Having finished my degree (and getting awarded a First) I finally have time to start using some of my vast stash of fabric and thought I’d start by make a tea cosy for the campervan tea pot. Simple I thought… I had an idea in my head for something like an Argyll diamond design, using … More Tea Cosy

Silk Vest

I found I needed a new vest top when the weather was warm.  My old favourite green cut-down Monsoon one is really rather faded.  I had a rather nice silk satin remnant which I have managed to squeeze this vest top from.  Using the Colette Sorbetto free pattern, I excluded the box pleat (not enough fabric) … More Silk Vest

Me and Pretty Nostalgic at Clothes Show Live

I’m going to be helping out  Pretty Nostalgic on the Customisation Station at Clothes Show Live this year.  How exciting is that!!  A chance to inspire all those people who love clothes to start looking at what is already in their wardrobe in a different light. “In the heart of Clothes Show Live on the Vintage Avenue … More Me and Pretty Nostalgic at Clothes Show Live

Recovering a chair

My Sister in Law, Sarah was here for the weekend, with my brother and their boys, she has a great little Etsy Shop FripperiesnBibelots selling the stitch markers that she designs and creates (if you knit, you will understand). Sarah has been planning to recover this chair for quite sometime, and I promised that if … More Recovering a chair

Upcycled Red Jacket – a second bag and lots of Butterflies

Having finally got on and finished the bag made from the sleeves and front pocket.  I got inspired to use up the rest of the jacket, with a ‘lapel bag’.  These are more complicated to plan.  I laid out the lapels, placing some white paper around the edges to see how it would work …. … More Upcycled Red Jacket – a second bag and lots of Butterflies

Linen Jacket Upcycled

After a bit of a delay in getting any sewing done, I have finally got round to upcycling this linen jacket, it was far too big for me, but I loved the colour and the fabric. I removed the pockets, and sleeves, creating side seams.  I then recut the shoulders and side seams using a jacket pattern in … More Linen Jacket Upcycled