New Jeans!

Since getting green acrylic paint on my poor jeans, I’ve been thinking about the need for a new pair.  The old ones were £3.50 from the charity shop, I altered them at the waist to fit, they were ‘ok’ but not really nice ‘joy sparking’ jeans. Then on a visit to Poorboy, Vintage Boutique in… More New Jeans!


These cropped trousers were from the local jumble sale.  They are a lovely quality fabric, I think you would call it a bedford cord, the white stripe is a raised rib.  They were an awful mid calf, slightly flared length, and I was in need of a pair of shorts that fit. After pinning up… More Shorts

Tea Cosy

Having finished my degree (and getting awarded a First) I finally have time to start using some of my vast stash of fabric and thought I’d start by make a tea cosy for the campervan tea pot. Simple I thought… I had an idea in my head for something like an Argyll diamond design, using… More Tea Cosy

Degree Show

After 3 years at Hull School of Art and Design here I am in a well curated space shared with Fine Art.  Feeling proud to have got here and I enjoyed a lovely evening chatting to people about my work.  Yes I wove all of that by hand and used natural dyes including alder cones,… More Degree Show

Textile Degree

The lack of post on here can be explained by me being rather busy in the final year of my degree.  The Degree Show is on 3rd June, and you can look forward to me being ‘The Eco Wardrobe Warrior’ again very soon! This week I have been weaving my final piece and dying it… More Textile Degree